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Our office is open Saturdays from 8am until 10am only

Please call within that timeframe if your child needs to be seen for a quick ill or emergency appointment on Saturday. 




Being mindful of our community vaccine resources, starting February 1, 2022 we will only be giving 5 to 11 year old Covid vaccines, including boosters on Tuesdays afternoons from 9 until 4 pm.  Additionally, we will no longer be administering the 12 year and older vaccine.  We suggest you obtain that vaccine from the Lancaster County Health Department walk in vaccine clinics.  

While we recognize this is not the most convenient option for our patients, we also feel we must be good stewards of the vaccine, and wasting doses at the end of the day due to lower volume, is not the best use of something so valuable to everyone. 

Should the vaccine be made available to children younger than 5, we will absolutely be offering those in our office at your convenience.

We will reevaluate our decision as the situation warrants.  Thank you for your understanding.